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CHAP Program

The CHAP (Community Helpers for Active Participation) Program facilitates the connection of individuals with disabilities and CHAP direct respite support providers through a respite registry. We also provide information on community respite services and upcoming workshops/events. Please complete a Family Registration Form to connect with a CHAP respite support provider.  If you would like to apply as a direct respite support provider to the CHAP Registry, please complete an online application and upload your resume.


CHAP Respite Support Provider Registration Find out more information on becoming a CHAP direct respite support provider and how to apply.

Family Classifieds View classified ads of families looking for a direct respite support provider.  Only registered CHAP respite support providers will be connected to families.


CHAP Family Registration Register for CHAP if your family wants to contract with a CHAP direct respite support provider..

Respite Provider Classifieds  View classified ads of available registered CHAP respite support providers. Only registered CHAP families can receive profiles of candidates.

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